1. 29 Apr, 2016 1 commit
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      GUI: · f55d8ae9
      Alexander Dietsch authored
      -Put in workaround for not being able to edit text after editing registers
      under everything but Windows
      -Fixed contents not moving when resizing the window
      -Cells now correctly keep their values when edited and then program is run
      (formerly a click out of the cell was needed)
  2. 28 Apr, 2016 2 commits
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      Included not empty ReadMe this time. · c3dc2cd9
      Alexander Dietsch authored
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      loopwhile language: · 5b90a83e
      Alexander Dietsch authored
      Added 'preprocessor' commands:
      -#LOOP/#WHILE to indicate what type of program it is
      -#MAXREG to indicate how many registers will be needed at most
      -Added ability to only execute program for x steps
      -Attempts to load/save options in a local file, so they stay the same over
      multiple runs
      -Minor fixes to register handling
      -Nearly everything does, what it is supposed to do now
      -No fixes for the linux issues yet
      Console Version:
      -This version allows to start GUI by console and displays help