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\only<1>{The intuitionistic modal logic $\ikop Z$:
\item All intuitionistic tautologies
\item All intuitionistic tautologies and axiom Z
\item Closure under MP and substitution
\item Closure under generalization: If $A$ valid, then $\Box A$ valid.
\item $\Box (A \rightarrow B) \rightarrow (\Box A \rightarrow \Box B)$
\item s(Z) for all substitutions s
\only<2>{Kripke-Semantics for $\ikop Z$:
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\begin{frame}{Natural Deduction for $\ikop Z$}
The only rule for box:
The only rule for box, as proposed by Bellin, De Paiva and Ritter:
%(forall f, In f F -> KIbox Z G (|[]| f)) -> KIbox Z F h -> KIbox Z G (|[]| h)
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\item[adequateness] $\adequate{Z}{t}$ {\scriptsize(..for a certain class of axioms)}
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$\Rightarrow$ sufficient to show adequateness for one translation
Most important:
Technical work:
\item $\ikop Z \vdash \dneg (\dneg A \land \dneg B) \leftrightarrow \dneg (A \land B)$
\item $\ikop Z \vdash \dneg (\dneg A \lor \dneg B) \leftrightarrow \dneg (A \lor B)$
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