Commit f81eea8c authored by Thorsten Wißmann's avatar Thorsten Wißmann 🐧 Committed by Hans-Peter Deifel
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Fix sum in MonoidValued

parent f77957a9
......@@ -199,7 +199,7 @@ instance (Monoid m, Ord m) => RefinementInterface (SlowMonoidValued m) where
let toS = foldl' (flip SumBag.insert) SumBag.empty labels
toCWithoutS = foldl' (flip SumBag.delete) counts labels
sumS = fold toS
sumCWithoutS = fold toS
sumCWithoutS = fold toCWithoutS
f3 = (sumRest, sumCWithoutS, sumS)
w1 = (sumRest <> sumCWithoutS, toS)
w2 = (sumRest <> sumS, toCWithoutS)
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