Commit c22d9289 authored by Hans-Peter Deifel's avatar Hans-Peter Deifel 🐢
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Add additional newline to help output

parent c7d11828
......@@ -700,7 +700,7 @@ helpOverview argv0 =
\the file. For the other case" <> noflow "T = F(T),"
<> reflow "where F is one of the basic functors, syntax and semantics is \
\described in" <> softline <> "\"" <> pretty argv0
<+> "help functors\"." <> softline
<+> "help functors\"." <> paragraph
<> reflow "It is also possible to add an optional initial state by adding"
<> noflow "'@init x'"
<> reflow "as the first line of the coalgebra specification, with x being \
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