Commit 9dc8bc29 authored by Gebhart97's avatar Gebhart97
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Fixed (maybe?) Lexer for Windows Newline Format

Feel free to remove this or fix it, if it creates Problems on Linux. This is just a small fix for me, because without it, I always get an "unexpected carriage return" error.
parent 0a6ea00b
......@@ -48,6 +48,7 @@ import Data.Float.Utils (EqDouble, fromDouble)
newline :: MonadParser m => m ()
newline = (void (takeWhile1P (Just "newline") (=='\n'))
<|> (skipLineComment <* char '\n')) *> space
<|> void ((,) <$> takeWhile1P Nothing (=='\r') <*> takeWhile1P (Just "newline") (=='\n'))
{-# INLINE newline #-}
-- | Parses newlines or the end of input
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