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# Random Weighted Tree Automata
This directory contains a command line tool to generate random weighted tree
automata for the monoids `(Word, or)`, `(Z, max)` and `(Bool, or)`, the latter
being used as powerset throughout the code.
The generated automata are coalgebras for the functor `M×M^(ΣX)`, where `M` is
the monoid and `ΣX` is a polynomial that can be configured with the `--symbols`
The generator supports two output formats. By default, CoPaRs own syntax is used
and optionally (only for powerset), the format understood by the code at [1] can
be generated.
## Usage
Please see the output of `random-wta --help`. By default, automata with 70% zero
transitions are generated, but the number of transitions can be freely
configured with the `--zero-frequency` and `--transitions` parameters.
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