Commit 6e30c68a authored by Bastian Kauschke's avatar Bastian Kauschke
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use custom print-functor impl

parent d13f8db4
......@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ import Text.Show.Pretty (pPrint)
import Copar.Algorithm
import qualified Copar.Parser as P
import Copar.PartitionPrinter
import Copar.FunctorPrinter
import Copar.Functors
import Copar.FunctorDescription
import qualified Data.MorphismEncoding as Encoding
......@@ -510,8 +511,8 @@ main = do
Just file -> writeDot file config symbolTable encoding part
DebugCommand (DebugFunctor applyTrans f)
| applyTrans -> pPrint (applyFunctorRewrites f)
| otherwise -> pPrint f
| applyTrans -> T.putStrLn (printFunctor (applyFunctorRewrites f))
| otherwise -> T.putStrLn (printFunctor f)
helpOverview :: Text -> Doc AnsiStyle
helpOverview argv0 =
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