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# Prism converter
This directory containers a helper program called `prism-converter` that
converts transition matrices of PRISM[1] models into coalgebra specifications.
## Building
stack build --flag copar:benchmark-generators
## Generating transition matrices
You can generate those transition matrices with PRISM itself by using:
prism -exporttrans TRA_FILE -exportstates STA_FILE -const CONST_ASSIGNMENTS
Given the constant assignments `CONST_ASSIGNMENTS` (see the PRISM documentation
on syntax and semantics of those), thsi output a transition matrix in `TRA_FILE`
and a states file in `STA_FILE`. Please see [2] for additional details.
## Converting them into coalgebra specs
The resulting files can then be converted into a coalgebra specification using
stack exec prism-converter -- --model-type TYPE --states-file STA_FILE TRA_FILE
where type is one of dtmc, ctmc or mdp.
See `stack exec prism-converter -- --help` for details.
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