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Scripts and nix instructions

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......@@ -15,26 +15,23 @@ Alternatively, here is a [tarball](/wp-content/uploads/media/research/cool/cool-
- a 64 bit linux build of COOL including the alternation-free fixpoint solving core [cool-afmu-2016-05-24.tgz](/wp-content/uploads/media/research/cool/cool-afmu-2016-05-24.tgz) (2016-05-24).
- a 64 bit linux build of COOL **including the aconjunctive fixpoint solving core** [cool-x86-64-2017-11-07.zip](/wp-content/uploads/media/research/cool/cool-bin-x86_64.tar.gz/cool-x86-64-2017-11-07.zip) (2017-11-07).
### Nix
We also provide batteries included build infrastructure using `nix`. See [the respective documentation](./nix/) on how to use `nix` to develop or compile COOL.
### Dependencies
Install ocaml include files, minisat include files. Place them in the include
directory (e.g. `/usr/include`, `/usr/lib/ocaml`, or `.`).
- dune
- ocamlfind (package called ocaml-findlib)
- ocamlgraph (package ocaml-ocamlgraph)
Runtime dependencies:
- readline
- minisat (at least minisat 2)
- m4
- zlib
- ncurses (for the debugger)
On Debian or Ubuntu, install the following packages:
- git
- build-essential
- dune
- libocamlgraph-ocaml-dev
- libreadline-dev
- minisat
On Debian, Ubuntu or other `apt` based Linux distrubutions you can use [the setup script](./ci/apt-setup.sh) and [the OCaml setup script](./ci/ocaml-setup.sh) to install the required dependencies.
### Building from Source
......@@ -51,9 +48,13 @@ To build everything just run
dune build @all
If you want the executables statically linked, then run the build with
the flag `--profile=static`.
the flag `--profile=static` i.e.
dune build --profile=static
Note that static linking also requires the dependencies to be statically available which might **not** be included in your operating system packages.
#### Verbose manual installation tutorial of the git version
#### Building from source in one script
Install the packaged dependencies (see above). Install minisat, e.g. manually
via git:
......@@ -61,6 +62,7 @@ via git:
git clone https://git8.cs.fau.de/software/cool
cd cool
dune build @all
if ! type "opam" > /dev/null; then
echo "installing opam to install the OCaml dependencies"
sudo apt-get install -y opam
opam install -y dune ocamlfind ocamlgraph ounit
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