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### Prebuilt Binaries
Alternatively, here is a [tarball](/wp-content/uploads/media/research/cool/cool-src-2014-02-01.tar.gz) of a snapshot. The sources of the global caching solver for [alternation-free](https://git8.cs.fau.de/software/cool) and **aconjunctive** mu-calculi can currently be found in separate branches of the repository. There also are
- a 64 bit linux build of COOL [cool-bin-x86_64.tar.gz](/wp-content/uploads/media/research/cool/cool-bin-x86_64.tar.gz) (2014-02-01);
- a 64 bit linux build of COOL including the alternation-free fixpoint solving core [cool-afmu-2016-05-24.tgz](/wp-content/uploads/media/research/cool/cool-afmu-2016-05-24.tgz) (2016-05-24).
- a 64 bit linux build of COOL **including the aconjunctive fixpoint solving core** [cool-x86-64-2017-11-07.zip](/wp-content/uploads/media/research/cool/cool-bin-x86_64.tar.gz/cool-x86-64-2017-11-07.zip) (2017-11-07).
Visit the [release page](https://git8.cs.fau.de/software/cool/-/releases) to get released versions of COOL.
We provide multiple options to get your hands on an up to date COOL executables:
- Docker images unter `cs8service/cool` tagged with the branch they were published from i.e. `cs8service/cool:master` would give you the latest release candidate of COOL.
You could e.g. use it to check coalition logic formulas `echo '<{1 2}> C & [{1 2}] ~C' | docker run -i cs8service/cool:master sat CL`
- A prebuilt static binary of the latest release candidate is available as [`cool-static`](https://git8.cs.fau.de/software/cool/-/jobs/artifacts/master/file/cool-static?job=nix-build).
Run it e.g. `cool-static sat CL <<< '<{1 2}> C & [{1 2}] ~C'`
- All the additional binaries of the project are available as nix-bundles (basically a wrapper like an AppImage to make the executables portable by including their dynamic dependencies) as [job artefacts](https://git8.cs.fau.de/software/cool/-/jobs/artifacts/master/browse?job=nix-bundle).
Not that the wrapping adds about 200ms of thartup time so **don't use the bundles for benchmarking of fast things where the additional 200ms would be significant**.
- Dynamically linked executables without dependencies are also available [in the artefacts](https://git8.cs.fau.de/software/cool/-/jobs/artifacts/master/browse/dynamic?job=build).
Run it e.g. `coalg.exe sat CL <<< '<{1 2}> C & [{1 2}] ~C'`.
Note that these are Linux executables despite the Windows looking `.exe` suffix.
There are additional features yet to be merged so use at your own risk:
#### Aconjunctive mu-Calculi
The current master can only work with **alternation free** mu-calculi so if you want to work with **aconjunctive** mu-calculi you should look into [the `pgsolver` branch](https://git8.cs.fau.de/software/cool/-/tree/pgsolver) and the related artefacts:
- Docker images unter `cs8service/cool:pgsolver`
- [`cool-static`](https://git8.cs.fau.de/software/cool/-/jobs/artifacts/pgsolver/file/cool-static?job=nix-build)
- [Bundles](https://git8.cs.fau.de/software/cool/-/jobs/artifacts/pgsolver/browse?job=nix-bundle)
- [Dynamically linked executables](https://git8.cs.fau.de/software/cool/-/jobs/artifacts/pgsolver/browse/dynamic?job=build).
#### Modelchecking
If you want to do modelchecking you should look into [the `modcheck` branch](https://git8.cs.fau.de/software/cool/-/tree/modcheck) and the related artefacts:
- Docker images unter `cs8service/cool:modcheck`
- [`cool-static`](https://git8.cs.fau.de/software/cool/-/jobs/artifacts/modcheck/file/cool-static?job=nix-build)
- [Bundles](https://git8.cs.fau.de/software/cool/-/jobs/artifacts/modcheck/browse?job=nix-bundle)
- [Dynamically linked executables](https://git8.cs.fau.de/software/cool/-/jobs/artifacts/modcheck/browse/dynamic?job=build).
### Nix
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