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Forgot to strip modality

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......@@ -575,7 +575,7 @@ let oneStepSat_MultiModalK (u: bset list) sv =
let (sort, v) = sv in
let boxes = bsetFilter v (fun lf -> (lfGetType sort lf) = AxF) in
let diamonds = bsetFilter v (fun lf -> (lfGetType sort lf) = ExF) in
let boxargsForRel rel = bsetFilter boxes (fun r -> (lfGetDest3 sort r) = rel) in
let boxargsForRel rel = bsetMap (lfGetDest1 sort) (bsetFilter boxes (fun r -> (lfGetDest3 sort r) = rel)) in
(*Make reduced U. Will be applied for each relation*)
let redU args = List.filter (fun bs -> bsetIsSubOrEqual args bs) u in
(*check if reducedU contains formula for every diamond per relation*)
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