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# The COOL CI infrastructure
Every commit in COOL is run through an extensive amount of CI categorzed in four stages.
Every commit in COOL is run through an extensive amount of CI from four categories.
## Build
In the build phase we build COOL dynamically and statically both with dune as well as nix to ensure that the changes didn't break compilation and in order to have the executables ready for
the [test](#test) and [deploy](#deploy) stage.
later stages.
Furthermore, we generate configuration for a child pipeline of manually triggered cross-compilation jobs passed to the [[Cross]] stage.
## Cross
Currently we only instantiate the cross-compile child pipeline in this stage so that cross compilation against various versions of OCaml can be easily tested if desired.
## Test
We automatically test COOL in terms of cross compilation to determine version requirements of the OCaml compiler.
In this stage we runn all the tests as separate jobs so they can run in parallel.
## Tests
The test are already run in the build stage both from nix as well as the regular dune runner to avoid additional overhead from starting up additional jobs as the tests only take about 25s.
## Deploy
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